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BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! OUR POPULAR SUPERCUT SCISSORS, IN ALL SIZES AND TYPES!  BUY ON GET ONE FREE! UNTIL WEDNESDAY 5PM!  Get your orders in now by visiting! Or Call/Email Angela at 516-997-2180/800-330-1322 AngelaClervoix@ge...

Feline/Canine Spay Pack

GerVetUSA offers Pre-assembled Spay Neuter General Surgery German Forged Stainless Packs with Tungsten Carbide Olsen Hegar Needle Holders with Scissors!   ...

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BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! UNTIL FRIDAY 5 P.M.  get our popular Tungsten Carbide Olsen Needle Holder in both sizes!Tungsten Carbide Olsen Hegar Needle Holder 5 1/2" $115.86Tungsten Carbide Olsen Hegar Needle Holder 6 1/2" $130.41 A combination ins...

Small Animal Dental Kit

Feline, Canine, small animal Dental Extraction Kit with Periotomes, Luxating Elevators and Atraumatic Dental Extraction Forceps.


Olsen Hegar Needle Holder

The Olsen-Hegar Needle Holders offers great ease to surgeons. Suturing can be done as well as cutting with-out the need of changing instruments. Available in various sizes, Stainless steel, also with Tungsten Carbide. This instrument also available for a Left hand.


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