Explore GerVetUSA’s New Products at the Fetch dvm360® 2023
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Explore GerVetUSA’S New Products at the Fetch dvm360® 2023

Explore GerVetUSA’S New Products at the Fetch dvm360® 2023

From December 1-3, the lively city of Long Beach, California, is going to host the Fetch dvm360® Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center.

This major veterinary event promises to deliver a valuable experience for veterinarians who want to stay on the cutting edge of their practice.  

And for the most part, GerVetUSA will be there, displaying a wide variety of our new and improved veterinary surgical instruments.

Visit us at booth # 503 to see a selection of our specially designed color-coated kits and packs, along with different single products.

Navigating the Conference Perspective

The Fetch DVM360® Conference is well known for providing a platform for veterinarians from all domains to explore advanced education, procedures, and equipment.

Education by the Numbers

The 3-day conference is filled with the following educational opportunities:

•    3 keynote presentations
•    30+ faculty to put what you learn into practice
•    17+hours of CE available per attendee
•    Over 24 tracks of 100+ CE credit hours for all

This year, the conference is ready to give an exceptional experience, and GerVetUSA is excited to be a part of it.

Exhibition by GerVetUSA at Booth # 503

We, at GerVetUSA, welcome you to booth # 503, where innovation meets excellence. Our booth isn't simply a space; an entrance to finding a selection of specially designed surgical instruments to redefine your practice.

Our new products from 2022 and 2023, specially designed to improve small animal and large animal care, include a wide variety of precision instruments, along with various dental kits, surgical packs, and much more.

Single Instruments


Hi-Level Bandage Scissors 5 1/2" Blue Coated (Knowles)

The Hi-Level Bandage Scissors 5 1/2" Blue Coated (Knowles) are used in cutting and removing tighter bandages on animals’ skin. They have a slightly longer lower blade with a blunt knob on it to lift the bandage in an atraumatic manner. These German-forged scissors are available in 5 different colors, including Purple, Blue, Gun Metal, Rainbow, and Rose Gold.

Slocum Style TPLO Broad Plate

Our biocompatible Slocum Style TPLO Broad Plate is crafted to address cruciate ligament ruptures in dogs. Its broad, flat design with four holes in the head makes it ideal for attaching to the tibia below the knee joint. The Slocum Style TPLO Broad Plate is manufactured from medical-grade stainless steel and is available in various sizes to accommodate different dog breeds.

Lister Bandage Scissors 3 1/2" Gun Metal Coating

Lister Bandage Scissors, with a Gun Metal Coating and an overall size of 3 1/2", are our top-selling instruments. These are specially designed for cutting and removing bandages efficiently. Lightweight and easy to handle, these German-forged scissors can be sterilized for reuse.

Dental Bur Flame Shaped Diamond #8861 Fine Grit 19mm (Standard Length)

This is our new veterinary dental tool, ergonomically designed for removing necrotic sulcus lining, crown and bridge preparation
veneer preparation, and composite resin restorations in animals. This special bur has a 19mm length and a fine-grit diamond coating, which makes it ideal for finishing and polishing dental restorations. Its safe end helps prevent accidental injury to the animal’s oral cavity.

Gelpi Retractor 5 1/2" Standard 14cm Sharp Tips

Our Gelpi Retractor, with 5 1/2" Standard 14cm Sharp Tips, is specially designed for retracting and holding back organs during knee and joint procedures in animals. Tailored for veterinary orthopedic and spinal surgeries, this retractor, made from German stainless steel, ensures durability and ease of cleaning. Its ratchet lock mechanism allows users to adjust retraction as needed.

Mayo Scissors Curved - Tungsten Carbide

Our Mayo Scissors Curved, with Tungsten Carbide inserts in the blades, are ideal for precise and durable cutting of dense tissue during animal procedures. The curved design facilitates easy access to narrow spaces. Moreover, these German-forged scissors are sterilizable for reuse and available in multiple sizes.

GerMedUSA Arthro Alligator Forceps 7" Delicate Round Shaft

Our GerMedUSA Arthro Alligator Forceps, featuring a 7" delicate round shaft, are designed for efficient grasping and removing small objects from animal ear canals and nasal cavities during veterinary ENT procedures. Additionally, these specially designed German-forged forceps are atraumatic in nature and sterilizable for reuse.

Specially Designed Kits and Packs


Feline Spay/Neuter Pack, Blue Coated

The Feline Spay/Neuter Pack is a specially designed surgical tool set for efficiently performing spaying and neutering procedures. Its distinctive blue coating adds to the instruments’ durability. The kit includes precision scissors, forceps, and other specialized products, ensuring veterinarians have all the necessary instruments for successful spay/neuter procedures.

Luxating WingAngle Left Right Stainless Steel Color Coated

The Anglevator is our innovative veterinary dental instrument designed to ensure precision and effectiveness in tooth extraction. It combines six functions, featuring a sharp, angled blade and a short/stubby handle. Our set comprises 14 Anglevators, varying from 2mm to 8mm tips, each size in both left and right angle blades. Each pair has a unique handle color to identify a specific size easily. This comprehensive Anglevator set is all advantageous for veterinary dental professionals in various tooth extraction procedures.

GV Dental Kit with Luxating Winged Color Coated - Titanium

We have specially designed our GV Dental Kit to assist veterinary dentists in various animal oral procedures. The kit includes 14 instruments, with 6 Color-Coated Luxating Winged Elevators boasting precision and durability. Moreover, all instruments are reusable and capable of withstanding wear and tear through reprocessing.

TTA Instruments Kit

Our TTA Instruments Kit, comprising 17 products such as drill guides and TTA insert spacers, is designed for Tibial Tuberosity Advancement in treating knee joint issues in dogs. Crafted with precision and durability, all products are biocompatible to prevent complications.

Standard Veterinary Orthopedic Pack

Standard Veterinary Orthopedic Pack, a comprehensive set of 17 specialized products, is ergonomically designed to assist veterinary orthopedic surgeons in various procedures. All instruments have state-of-the-art manufacturing and are made from medical-grade stainless steel, ensuring sterilizability for reuse. Veterinarians can get this kit with customization options.  

Periodontal Kit

The Periodontal Kit, tailored for small animal dental treatment, comprises 07 reusable and rust-free instruments. German-forged with ergonomic designs, the kit includes Columbia Curette, Towner-Jacquette Scaler, Barnhart Curette, Williams Probe/Explorer, Scaler Delicate, Mirror Handle No 5, and a Sterilization Tray. These instruments aid in periodontal diagnosis, root planning, and scaling. The kit is high-tensile, durable, and autoclavable.

There is Much More with Customization Options!

These are just a few unique selections we will showcase at the conference; you can get much more in various designs, sizes, and colors to meet all your veterinary instrument needs. All our kits and packs will be available with customization options to cater to the specific needs of veterinary professionals.

Why Should You Buy From Us?


We Not Only Sell But Also Manufacture Our Surgical Instruments


Reshaping the Future Together

As we look forward to the Fetch DVM360® Conference in Long Beach, GerVetUSA welcomes you to join us.

Our exhibition booth is more than just a stall— it's a place where the future of veterinary care embraces new heights.

Visit us at booth no 503, together, we can reshape the future of veterinary medicine.

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