Stitch scissors are common surgical instruments used to cut sutures in various patterns and lengths.  Every Veterinary Hospital does suture removal everyday as it is a common procedure after the healing of open wounds or wounds resulting from surgery cuts.  Many veterinarians know the two basic patterns of suture placement: interrupted and continuous.  Each has their own advantage such as one providing more security or the other being quicker to place.  And disadvantages such as increased surgery time or being prone to dehiscence.  Regardless, each suture still needs the proper stitch scissor and size to cut and remove sutures. 

            GerVet offers Stitch scissors in a variety of sizes and colors.  Our stitch scissors are designed with a small hook feature on one blade that slides under sutures to slightly lift before cutting the suture.  This small hook feature also holds the suture to prevent slippage.  Our Scissors also have tips that can come in either straight or curved.  This can assist in removing sutures at certain angles.  Regardless of the pattern or size.  When removing the suture, the proper scissor length is important for efficiency and security.  Here at GerVet, the sizes we offer include 3 1/2, 4 1/2, 5, 5 1/2, and 6 1/4.  Each length to better accommodate the size of the suture that needs to be removed.  

**Please note that these scissors should not be used for cutting tissue

            Stitch scissors are the basic, however highly necessary, surgical instrument for every suture removal procedure both in the human and vet side.  Though a common tool in a hospital, not every company offers their surgical instruments in color.  GerVet offers not only German stainless steel instruments which are high in quality and durable, but we also offer them in color.   That's right, color.  A perfect way to color up your surgical kits.  GerVet provides these stitch scissors in color Blue, Rainbow/Multicolor, Gun Metal, and Rose Gold.  Each size also comes in all four colors.  These colors changes do not affect the material or quality of the instrument.  The change in color is due to excessive heat altering the outer color properties. 


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