Every year approximately 3.7 million cats and dogs are euthanized at shelters each year. This procedure helps reduce the numbers of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens who cannot be adopted due to the simple fact that there are not enough people adopting. Spaying your cat or dog can help relieve this burden and can even prevent certain illnesses such as cancers and uterine infections allowing a longer and healthier life for your feline and canine best friend[i].  This procedure is done before the age of maturity, typically around 5-6 months.  In order to perform this surgery, a proper Spay pack is in order. 

Here at GerVetUSA we offer a high quality Spay pack both for canines and felines.  It includes all the basic tools used to properly conduct this surgery; totaling at 18 pieces.

  •  One Knife Handle #3- used to hold surgical blades 10-13
  • One Straight Mayo Scissors with the size of 6 ¾” - used to cut sutures that are used to dissect and undermine delicate tissue
  • One Curved 7 inch Metzenbaum Scissors-  primarily used for cutting delicate tissue
  • One Tissue Forcep with 1 x 2 teeth and 5 ½ inches in length - for holding and grasping tissue
  • Brown Adson Forceps, 4 ¾ inches in length, 7x7 teeth- to prevent slippage during the procedure
  • A pair of Halstead Mosquito Forceps, 5 inches and curved at the end - used for small blood vessels while the ridged along the ring allow for secure and locking the forceps in place.
  • A pair of Curved 5 ½” Kelly Forceps - design to clamp larger blood vessels and soft tissue dissection
  • A  pair of Curved 6 ¼” Roch-Carmalt Forceps - to clamp large blood vessels and used for grasping heavy and thicker tissue
  • Four 3 ½” Backhaus Towel Clamp - used to secure drapes or towels and reduce small bone fractures
  • Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder- used to drive  needles and hold sutures
  • One 6 inch Allis Tissue Forceps with 4x5 teeth -used to grasp organs and dense tissue
  • One Snook Hook - to retrieve the horn of the uterus


A successful spay surgery is only possible with the proper tools.   We provide durable and efficient surgical instruments, all manufactured with high quality German Stainless Steel.  Quality begins at GerVetUSA.  Click to watch our video on Spay Packs!


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