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Our Product Range


All our products have the same patterns, styles, and consistent quality of standards all the time.

We control the process from buying, forging, and creating a finished product. –Not many places can claim this in the General Surgical Veterinary market.

All our Instruments are GERMAN FORGED

1st Grade German, not Economy Grade, and  at a reasonable price

We also offer:

  • Free Sharpening on all our Scissors for the life of the Instrument
  • Free Sharpening on all Dental Elevators/Luxating Elevators

Veterinary Specialties Available:

A lot of instruments are modified/designed to Veterinarian’s specific needs because of their patient size.

General Surgical Instruments:

  • Scissors
  • Standard German
  • Super Cut- Black Handle with one serrated side and a Razor-Sharp blade
  • Tungsten Carbide - Gold Handle with Carbide Insert Jaws
  • Super Sharp- Black/Gold Handle with Carbide Inserts, one serrated side and a Razor-Sharp blade
  • Colored Bandage and Stitch Scissors PVD Coating
  • Rainbow (multicolor), BlueGun Metal and Rose Gold! (more colors will be available soon)

Dental Instruments:

Dental Instruments specially designed for small animals:

  • Feline/Canine Scaling Kits
  • Dental Extraction Kits
  • Luxating Elevators with Plasma Coating
  • WingLux - Luxating Winged - Color Coated for easy Identification
  • Atraumatic Dental Extraction Forceps - Root Tip - Root Fragments - Specially designed for Feline/Canine.

Orthopedic Instruments:

More Variety of Orthopedic Instruments than competitors in Veterinary Orthopedic market

  • Bone Plating Kits
  • Cerclage Band instead of a Cerclage Wire
  • TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) Kits with cage wing rotation of 360
  • TPLO (Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy) System; Double Ended Saw Blades, Get 2 blades for the price of 1!

GerVetUSA is always looking for opportunities to work with professionals to design new Surgical Instruments to help surgeons do their job efficiently and effectively.

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