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Emasculator castration is an effective solution since it tends to trigger less severe pain than elastic banding and less acute pain than surgical castration, but it does have all the advantages of brutal and bloody castration. Nonetheless, researchers have confirmed that livestock castrated by Emasculator will maintain operational tests when they are younger than 12 to 16 weeks. This is not clear if the experiments persisted intact so at that period the sperm cord was too fragile to collapse entirely, or recovery resulted. Furthermore, for the Emasculator process castration collapse due to device equipment failure was recorded more often than for other approaches Several research showed a smaller weight loss for castrated cattle using an Emasculator than surgical castration. The Emasculator's main strength over other approaches is that no open wound is exposed to the atmosphere because the sperm cords are trapped inside the scrotum, shielding the damage from flies, mud and pathogens.

GerVetUSA introduces broad range of Emasculator including Reimer Emasculator Regular, Castrating Knife Spay/Hoe, Serra Modified Emasculator 13.5" with Ratchet, Burdizzo Castrator Baby 9", Burdizzo Castrator Small 12", Burdizzo Castrator Medium 13", Burdizzo, Castrator Large 15", Serra Modified Emasculator 13.5"Plain Emasculator Stainless Steel 12", Frank Emasculator Stainless German 9", White Emasculator Stainless German 12", Reimer Emasculator Serra Modified Emasculator 12.5", Band Castrator 10", #12 Blades with Large red nylon handle, #22 Blades with Large red nylon Handle, and Burdizzo Castrator Indian 19"
Using a procedure that induces the minimal chronic pain, livestock should be castrated as soon as possible. Surgical castration or the use of an Emasculator is preferred to banding, unless banding of calves is necessary in one week of birth. It may be safer to use an Emasculator when climatic conditions raise the risk of problems associated with other castration processes. Other than huge range, GerVetUSA offers the most trustworthy customer service at all times. Act now and get in touch with us today and buy the best surgical equipment with ease and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we take pride in helping our customers. Customer service representative is available online or through call at 1-800-330-1322. So, contact us today and get the top-class veterinary surgical instruments of your choice at reasonable rates.

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