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Equine Periosteal - Gingival Elevators

Our Equine Periosteal - Gingival Elevators aid veterinarians during dental procedures in equines. Dental extractions are common in horses, so the need for equine dental instruments is high. Gingival Elevator is a dental tool that separates the tooth from the gingiva during advanced equine tooth extraction procedures. 

Our equine periosteal is ideal for surgeons for extraction purposes. In addition, these procedures necessitate using a high-quality, specially designed instrument. GerVetUSA provides high-quality, reusable, and long-lasting tools. Purchase the best instruments at a discount to improve your equine dental practice.

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Gingival Elevator

Gingival Elevator

A gingival elevator is a dental instrument used to extract equine teeth. It is designed to help loos ...

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