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Equine Hoof Nippers

Horse owners face an important issue when it comes to maintaining the hoof health of their horses. Many equine hoof care tools are available that trim and maintain the hoof. The most important ones are hoof knives and equine hoof nippers. These nippers are used to cut or trim the hoof wall down to the original length and to remove any excessive sole or damaged sole tissues. These nippers are also used to trim frogs of the hoofs. GerVetUSA offers a wide range of equine hoof nippers, each with its specific significance in trimming and maintain hoofs. These include half-round nippers, race track nippers, mycotic nippers, and more. You can choose the one that is suitable for your hoof care requirements.

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These nippers are used in horses to remove the hoof wall's bottom edge and any excessive sole. Nippe ...

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Half Round Nipper 12 inch

Half Round Nipper 12"

$179.00 $161.10

Half Round Nipper 12" is used in hoof wall work and clip placement. Also good for reaching those har ...

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Nipper Rebuild

Nipper Rebuild

$89.00 $80.10

Nipper Rebuild is used to maintain or rebuild the equine hoof. The instrument has a long shaft. It i ...

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Race Track Nipper 14 inch

Race Track Nipper 14"

$165.00 $148.50

Race Track Nipper 14" have a very sleek design and have smaller heads. They have a much more delicat ...

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Hoof Nipper 15 inch

Hoof Nipper 15"

$169.00 $152.10

Hoof nippers are used to remove excessive growths of the hoof wall. According to most farriers, ther ...

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