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Dehorners are significant instruments used for dehorning. They are great and efficient instruments to scoop out the horn, therefore, reducing the risk of injury to other animals. They are used by passing them down vertically and by pushing the handles outward. This scoops out the horn smoothly, making it less dangerous for other animals in the cattle. This instrument can be used on various animals. It isn’t limited to just goats or cows. It is constructed from the best quality material and is strongly built. The most commonly used Dehorners include Barnes Type Dehorners Wood Handles, Barnes Type Dehorners Steel Handle, Tube Dehorners 6", and Dehorning Saw 14".

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Dehorning Saw 14 inch

Dehorning Saw 14"


Dehorning Saw 14" is a strongly built stainless steel veterinary instrument that is widely used in v ...

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Barnes Type Dehorners Wood Handles

Barnes Type Dehorners Wood Handles


Barnes Type Dehorners has an ergonomic handle and a strongly built set of sharp hinged jaws. These d ...

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Tube Dehorners 6 inch

Tube Dehorners 6"


These Tube Dehorners have a standard 6” size and are ideally built for use in small calves up to 4 ...

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Barnes Type Dehorners Steel Handle

Barnes Type Dehorners Steel Handle


Barnes Type Dehorners has an ergonomic stainless steel veterinary instrument handle and a strongly b ...

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