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Diagnostic & Restraints Instruments

GerVetUSA currently produces and sells a range of Veterinary Surgical Instruments around the world today. We deliver veterinary surgical instruments of the finest quality such as, Frick's Speculum, Otoscope, Otoscope-Ophthalmic Diagnostic Set, Polansky Speculum, Screw Type Anti-Kicker, Smith-Baxter Mouth Gag Set of 4, Thoroughbred Speculum, Twitch, Vaginoscope, Tourniquet (Metal Clip), Light Rod & Clip, Light Weight Rodent Mouth Gag, Drinkwater mouth gag, Udder Infusion Cannula - Dz., Equine Chain Twitch, Foreign Body Retriever, Gastro Scope Canine Large, Killian Speculum, Large Nimrod Snare, Heavy Duty Laryngoscope, and Weingart Mouth Speculum. Doctors, physicians and surgeons make extensive use of our instruments. We manufacture and offer the finest and innovative surgical products with years of experience, district-of - the-art equipment and a team of professionals. GerVetUSA is the single greatest shopping destination for veterinary surgical instruments with mutual satisfaction and assured quality of 100 per cent.

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