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Obstetrical Instruments

GerVetUSA produces and sells a wide range of high-quality, large animal Obstetric Instruments. Thanks to their durability and flexibility our products are known internationally by veterinarians. We deliver Obstetrical Hook double Vienna, Obstetrical Cable Swine Snare, Buhner Needle, T-Bar Swine Snare, Alec Obstetrical Forceps 9 1/2", Bower's Obstetrical Forceps Curved. Serr. 9.5", Flynn Overiectomy Forceps Serr. 6", Vaginal Speculum 14"x1 1/4", Save-a-Calf Obstetrical Snare, O.B. Snare Bovine 29", O.B. Snare Porcine 18", O.B. Chain Handle, O.B. Chain 30", O.B. Chain 45", O.B. Chain 60", Caesarian Forceps, Calf Snare, Detorsion Bar, Obstetrical Handle T-bar, Obstetrical Handle Sutter, Eye Hook Blunt Ostertag, Obstetrical Wire Handle & Container, Obstetrical Wire Guide, Obstetrical Handle, Obstetrical Drop Wire Guide, Obstetrical Double Eye Hook, Obstetrical Double Action Hook, Obstetrical Chain Handle, Obstetrical McLean Forceps, Embryotomy Knife – Linde, Embryotomy Knife – Gunther, and Mini Hog Holder 16". Our members are always at your disposal until you are pleased. So, either contact us today via our online support system or call us at 1-800-330-1322.

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