Feline Luxating Elevator Straight 4 1/2" Mini Handle Set of 5
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New Mini Handle GLux Feline Luxating Set of 5

SKU: GD50-2319

This is a specially designed set of 5 Feline Luxating Elevators with Straight design blades and Mini Handles. The instruments help apply controlled and direct force during the tooth extraction procedures. The mini handles offer optimal control and comfort, reducing hand fatigue and tissue trauma during procedures.

What's Included in This Set
1GD50-2310Feline Luxating Elevator 1mm Straight 4 1/2" Mini HandleFeline Luxating Elevator 1mm Straight 4 1/2`` Mini Handle
1GD50-2313Feline Luxating Elevator 1.3mm Straight 4 1/2" Mini HandleFeline Luxating Elevator 1.3mm Straight 4 1/2`` Mini Handle
1GD50-2316Feline Luxating Elevator 1.6mm Straight 4 1/2" Mini HandleFeline Luxating Elevator 1.6mm Straight 4 1/2`` Mini Handle
1GD50-2318Feline Luxating Elevator 1.8mm Straight 4 1/2" Mini HandleFeline Luxating Elevator 1.8mm Straight 4 1/2`` Mini Handle
1GD50-2312Feline Luxating Elevator 2.0mm Straight 4 1/2" Mini Handle
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Product Review

Our Feline Luxating Elevator Straight 4 1/2" Mini Handle Set of 5 is crafted from high-grade stainless steel for added durability. Each variation features a straight blade. They are available in multiple tip sizes to match the curvature of felines' different teeth for extractions.

  Straight blades
  German Stainless Steel 

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