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Gelpi Retractor

Gelpi retractors are auto-retaining retractors, which means they maintain their structure and position until set up. This is partly related to a box lock, a sliding device mounted on the surface of the surgical instrument. Such gelpi retractors have been used by orthopedic surgeons for orthopedic and spinal treatment. In a huge variety of Gelpi Retractor, GerVetUSA has introduced numerous instruments such as Gelpi Retractor Deep Angle, Gelpi Crossover Retractor (Neroma), Gelpi Retractor Standard, Gelpi Retractor with Speedlock, Gelpi Retractor 90 Degree Angle, and Gelpi Crossover Retractor (Neroma) Deep Angle. Practitioners have been given quite good reviews and feedback about our instruments. Despite huge success in terms of manufacturing quality products, we never loosen up our grip towards the quality checks. Please go through our other tool’s details. GerVetUSA wishes to serve you at the fullest of our capacity.

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