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Bone Rasps

Usually a Bone Rasp is designed to aid bone and other hard tissue surfaces in manipulation. Primarily it is well suited for use in neurochirurgical or orthopedic surgery, because if they are not evened out with a file or raspatory, these coarse bony areas will cause damage to surrounding tissue. GerVetUSA has proudly design following categories in Bone Rasp such as Cottle Rasp Backwards Cutting 8", Putti Bone Rasp, Fomon Rasp, Nail Rasp #93 Double Ended 6 3/4" 2mm Angled Up/Down, Trochlea Rasp 11mm, Lewis Rasp Course Teeth 7 1/2", Aufricht Rasp Backwards Cutting 7 1/2", and Excision Arthroplasty Rasp 170mm. Moreover, the performance of our tools has persisted exceptional so far, yet each customer has given their satisfaction decision. The new customers must be aware that the performance at GerVetUSA starts. To ensure the quality, name, and return policy our every instrument must pass several quality checks. So, contact us today and get the sharp end-notch surgical equipment without any complications. We educate ourselves by giving our stakeholders the most effective customer service.

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