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A Bone surgical chisels intended for bone excise during surgical orthopedic procedures. Such chisels typically consist of a robust compact, manual instrument including a broad one-inch flat blade with a beveled cutting edge and a handle is generally straight or slightly curved. Cottle Septum Chisel Curved, Stille Type Chisel, Mini Lexer Chisel, Lexer Chisel, Hibbs Chisel Straight, Hoke Chisel, Hibbs Chisel Curved, Hajek Septum Chisel, Cottle Septum Chisel Straight, Army Pattern Chisel, Alexander Chisel, D'Errico Lamina Chisel 7 1/2" 13mm, Harmon Chisel 10" Stepped 6mm, Spinal Fusion Chisel 9 1/2" Straight 6mm, and Interchange Chisel Blade. In comparison, relative to our rivals, we provide the most efficient customer service. Customer service agents are always available to assist by calling us at 1-800-330-1322 or via our customer support network. If you are hunting for personalized veterinary equipment, we will consistently produce-class surgical instruments according to your preferences. GerVetUSA is the ultimate shopping platform for veterinary surgical instruments with complete satisfaction and accuracy assured at 100 percent. We pride ourselves on aiding our customers frequently, as your achievement is our contentment.

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  1. Hibbs Chisel Straight Hibbs Chisel Straight Multiple  SKUs  Available
  2. Lexer Chisel Lexer Chisel Multiple  SKUs  Available

    Lexer Chisel

  3. Mini Lexer Chisel Mini Lexer Chisel Multiple  SKUs  Available
  4. Stille Type Chisel Stille Type Chisel Multiple  SKUs  Available
  5. Four Chambered K-Wire Dispenser Four Chambered K-Wire Dispenser Multiple  SKUs  Available
  6. Cottle Septum Chisel Curved Cottle Septum Chisel Curved Multiple  SKUs  Available
  7. Interchange Chisel Blade Interchange Chisel Blade Multiple  SKUs  Available
  8. Hoke Chisel Hoke Chisel Multiple  SKUs  Available

    Hoke Chisel

  9. Alexander Chisel Alexander Chisel Multiple  SKUs  Available
  10. Army Pattern Chisel Army Pattern Chisel Multiple  SKUs  Available
  11. Cottle Septum Chisel Straight Cottle Septum Chisel Straight Multiple  SKUs  Available
  12. Hajek Septum Chisel Hajek Septum Chisel Multiple  SKUs  Available
  13. Hibbs Chisel Curved Hibbs Chisel Curved Multiple  SKUs  Available