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Hooks - Probes

Usually Hooks and Probes can be used to raise and remove tissues. These traditional surgical instruments contained in most tool sets and used for tissue, nerves, arteries, and bone manipulation, compression and retraction. Via orthopedic hooks, skin and muscle, ligaments, tendons, and bone fragments are trapped and stabilized. Below are some of our most common bone hooks with T-shaped, phenolic, or ergonomic handles, tibial tray hooks, suture hooks, tendon hooks, and more. Made of grade stainless steel, GerVetUSA has manufactured and designed Meniscus Probe - Dandy Nerve Hook. Since our company has promised our customers to manufacture only quality instruments, we have used the best material in the production of these tools. GerVetUSA has experienced and competitive technician team, which helps us to maintain the quality after undergoing all the possible quality checks. If you want to buy surgical instruments for animal health care, please visit our website for further details. Feel free to contact us for any query. Our market competitive range of various instruments attract our worldwide clients and practitioners.  Our customer care team will be available to serve you 24/7. Your satisfaction is a priority for us. So grab your choice of instrument without any delay!

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