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IVD Rongeurs

Veterinarians and surgeons use IVD rongeurs to gouge or scoop out bone. The Boehler and other patterns feature concave jaws, which form a cup when the jaws are closed to protect tissue and bone. Like Peapod IVD Rongeur 5 1/2" up 2x6mm, Schlesinger Rongeur IVD Up, and Schlesinger Rongeur IVD Straight, Selverstone Rongeur IVD, Takahashi Rongeur IVD, Spurling Kerrison Rongeur Small, Caspar Rongeur IVD Up, Caspar Rongeur IVD Down, Love Kerrison Rongeur 6" Down, and Love Kerrison Rongeur 6" Forward. However, GerVetUSA has been able to satisfy our valuable consumers with a great effort from our team. We develop and deliver the best and most creative surgical products, despite years of experience, state-of-the-art technology and a team of experts. We pride ourselves in offering the most efficient customer service to our clients. We manufacture and offer the finest and innovative surgical products with years of experience, district-of - the-art equipment and a team of professionals.

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