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Mallets are intended to be used in a wide range of surgical procedures involving either cutting, slicing or scraping of the bone by chisels or gouges. A standard mallet features a solid head of stainless steel avoiding changing shape and applying the full swing wherever it is designed. GerVetUSA has designed a wide range of Mallets such as Bergman Mallet 9, Ortho Mallet, Nylon Mallet, Mini Mallet, Lucae Mallet, Heath Mallet, Winged Elevator Kit Packs, Partsch Mallet 7" 6OZ, Lucae Mallet 7 3/4" 7OZ Convex/Flat Head, Narrow Nip Mallet 8" 6OZ Phenolic Handle, Mallet #49 7 3/4" 7OZ, Mallet lightweight 9 oz Stainless head Size 7 1/2", Mead Mallet 7 1/2" 7OZ, Kirk Mallet 8" Brass Filled 1lb 6OZ, Aluminum Handle Mallet 9" 1lb 12OZ, Cottle Mallet 7 1/4" 8OZ Convex/Flat Surface, Ombredanne Mallet 9 1/2" 1lb 9OZ Diameter 40mm, Crane Mallet 6 1/2" 12OZ, Combination Mallet 7 1/2" 8oz (227g) Head Stainless Steel With One Nylon Cap 25mm Aluminum Handle, Hajek Mallet 8" 7OZ, Lightweight Mallet 10" 9oz (255g) Head Phenolic 43mm Phenolic Handle, Repercussion Free Mallet 10 1/2" 1lb 5OZ, and Germed Mallet 16 oz Solid Stainless head Size 11". So, book your order with us today and get the top-notch surgical equipment without any hassle. We take pride in helping our customers as your satisfaction is our success.

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