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The orthopedic pliers are used for cutting, twisting and crimping wires, removing pins, gripping and handling tissue, amongst many other functions during hand surgical techniques. They're also used to stiffen the wires or cut wire in surgical procedures. Pliers can be used for multiple purposes, but most significantly they should be in line and have a smooth grip on them. GerVetUSA is pleased to announce a vast array of orthopedic Pliers such as Plier with Lock, X-delicate Pliers 6" With Groove .028"/0.7mm max, Wire Extraction Pliers, Universal Pliers, Nose Plier, Flat Nose Pliers, Cerclage Pliers, Pin Puller Pliers TC 5 1/2" With Groove, Slip Joint Pliers 8", Long Jaw Pliers 7", Narrow Nose Pliers 7 1/2" tapers to 2mm, Round Nose Pliers 5 1/2" smooth 1mm tip Delicate, Wire Bending Pliers 6" With Notched Jaw, Cerclage Bending Pliers 5" With Slotted Jaw, and Needle Nose Pliers. Therefore, we have plenty of happy customers who can give their words on these efficient surgical instruments. We hereby will serve our customers to the best of our capacity.

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  1. Wire Extraction Pliers Wire Extraction Pliers Multiple  SKUs  Available
  2. Universal Pliers Universal Pliers Multiple  SKUs  Available
  3. Plier with Lock Plier with Lock Multiple  SKUs  Available
  4. Nose Plier Nose Plier Multiple  SKUs  Available

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  5. Flat Nose Pliers Flat Nose Pliers Multiple  SKUs  Available
  6. Cerclage Pliers Cerclage Pliers Multiple  SKUs  Available
  7. Needle Nose Pliers Needle Nose Pliers Multiple  SKUs  Available