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Ronguers Single Action

A rongeur is an instrument with a thin, jar-shaped tip, used to goug bone out. However, a single rongeur may be used to raise a bone lock. It is used to show sites for procedure in neurochirurgy and orthopedic surgery a rongeur can also be used in dental orthopaedic surgery. GerVetUSA has an amazing variety of Rongeurs which adds Hartmann Rongeur 7 1/4" Curved 5mm Single Action, Adson Rongeur Curved, Mead Rongeur 6 1/4" Curved 4mm Single Action, Reiner Rongeur Curved, Friedman Rongeur Mini 5 1/2" Curved 2mm Single Action, Luer Rongeur Curved, Lempert Rongeur Single, Friedman Rongeur Straight, Micro Rongeurs, Friedman, Rongeurs, Cleveland, Curved, Luer Rongeurs, Stellbrink Rongeur 6 3/4", Duckbilled Mini-Ronguer 5", Friedman Rongeur Curve, Rat Tooth Rongeur 8" Straight 8mm Single Action, and Adson Rongeur Straight . GerVetUSA offers the most trustworthy customer service at all times. Act now and get in touch with us today and buy the best surgical equipment with ease and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we take pride in helping our customers. Customer service representative is available online or through call at 1-800-330-1322. So, contact us today and get the top-class veterinary surgical instruments of your choice at reasonable rates.

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