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Self Retaining Retractors

During orthopedic operations, self-retaining surgical retractors are used to retract tissues and body parts from an operation area. Retractors are being used to hold open an incision or injury while a surgeon is working. Whereas Self-retaining retractors support free movement of the hands during an operation. Self-retaining retractors are called retractors with prehensile blades that use a pin, ratchet, or brace to hold the tissue apart by themselves. GerVetUSA has produced a list of Self Retaining Retractors which includes Inge Retractor 9 1/2" Custom Tip, Inge Retractor 6 1/2" Custom Tip, Stifle Retractors, Davis, Speed Lock, Lamina Retractor 11" Levarage Shaped Concave Blades Adult Size, Inge Neroma Retractor 6 1/2" With Crossover Tips, Inge Modified Spreader Custom Tip 4 Speed Lock Pediatric 6 1/2", Vertebra Spreader 5" With Ratchet (Cloward Style) 3/4" Spread, and Stifle Retractor 6 1/2" Crossover Tip Action. GerVetUSA offers the most trustworthy customer service at all times. Act now and get in touch with us today and buy the best surgical equipment with ease and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we take pride in helping our customers. Customer service representative is available online or through call at 1-800-330-1322. So, contact us today and get the top-class veterinary surgical instruments of your choice at reasonable rates.

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