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A Tamp is a specific tool equipped for use in neurochirurgical treatments, particularly in the spine. These kind of tamps have a bridge-serrated edge, too. A fracturing or trauma to any part of the vertebral column can induce spinal cord injury, and this can be avoided by using the clamp. A bone tamp is a tool used to reduce fractures and administer bone grafts in orthopedic surgery. Within a bone, this tool can be used to lift depressed areas after a fracture, helping with the stabilisation process. It could also be used to insert bone on a transplant site, through some kind of cautious procedure aimed at promoting maximum bone growth in the zone. As per market survey and demand, GerVetUSA has successfully made universal tamps for bones such as Bone Tamps, Caspar, Bone Tamps, and Caspar. Medical grade stainless steel keeps the quality and durability high of every instrument. Therefore we have plenty of happy customers who can give their words on these efficient surgical instruments. We hereby will serve our customers to the best of our capacity. We tend to make our every surgical tool according to our customer need and ease. Yet we offer very pocket friendly instruments and a good customer care service of 24/7. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we take pride in helping our customers.

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