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About Us

The journey that began 3 decades ago has successfully become a symbol of Excellence, Innovation, and Reliability for veterinarians across the world. Strictly following the guidelines of FDA, and being ISO 13485 certified, our all procedures are documented and every process is being monitored at every level. Our products are 1st Grade German Forged and undergo several quality checks to ensure the consistent quality, patterns, and styles before it is finally handed over to our prestigious clients for the very economical prices. We control the process from buying to forging to the finish products and highly doubt if anyone else can come up with the same in the General Surgical Veterinary Market.

Since GerVetUSA believes more in building a strong relationship than just selling the instruments. Therefore, we take pleasure in providing superior customer services from the first query till the life of the instrument and offer free sharpening on all our Scissors for the life of the instrument and also on all Dental Elevators/Luxating Elevators. Not only this, we go the extra mile and offer personalization instead of customization. A significant number of instruments has been modified and designed to Veterinarian’s specific needs because of their patient size and other particular needs. Here, we would love to share that whenever there comes a special need, our veterinarians feel more comfortable in getting in touch with us, first. 

Yet, GervetUSA believes that there is no end when it comes to success and perfection.  Therefore, we continuously work with top-notch professionals to understand the changing market needs and future trends to come up with the instruments that make them fell in love with their job. This is what we demonstrated and led by example recently during Covid-19 times when it became impossible for us to meet physically, we came up virtually. Our team of Expert Veterinary Consultants is available for you whenever you need them. Just ring on (516)-385-3434 or Register Yourself, now. https://bit.ly/3jgaVCD

Here, we would love to share some of our instruments that received a huge appreciation from around the world because of their superior quality, reliability and making the job easier than believed.

  • General Surgical Instruments
  • Scissors
    • Super Cut- Black Handle with one serrated and other with Razor Sharp blade
    • Tungsten Carbide- Gold Handle with Carbide Insert Jaws
    • Super Sharp- Black/Gold Handle with Carbide Inserts, one serrated and other with Razor Sharp blade
    • Colored Bandage and Stitch Scissors PVD Coating
    • Rainbow (multicolor), Blue, Gun Metal (more colors will be available soon)
  • Dental Instruments (specially designed for the small animals)
    • Feline/Canine Scaling Kits
    • Dental Extraction Kits
    • Luxating Elevators with Titanium Nitrite Coating
    • Atraumatic Dental Extraction Forceps - Root Tip - Root Fragments - Specially designed for Feline/Canine
    • Winged Elevators with Color - Shafts for easy identification
  • Orthopedic Instruments
    • Bone Plating Kits
    • Cerclage Band instead of a Cerclage Wire
    • TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) Kits with cage wing rotation of 360
    • TPLO (Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy) System; Double Ended Saw Blades, Get 2 blades with the price of 1

Want to talk to us? Start a live chat or reach out to us via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Or if you are looking for an instrument that we do not have, please get in touch, we will manufacture it for you.

We would also love your honest feedback about what we are doing great and what improvements do we need. Thanks in advance for your time and input. 


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