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Press Releases

GerVetUSA Introduces New Ergonomic Surgical Tool for Surgeons

by Danielle Davis West on April 27, 2011


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GerVetUSA Introduces New Ergonomic Surgical Tool for Surgeons

Garden City Park, New York – March 15, 2011 – GerVetUSA announces the launch of a new innovative surgical product called the Neogrip Chromosome Surgical Handle(TM). GerVetUSA, a manufacturer and distributor of U.S. and German Operating Room surgical instruments, has joined forces with Dr. James Perin, MD to develop a line of ergonomic surgical instruments.

The Chromosome Surgical Handle(TM) has a modern, ergonomic design that prevents pressure, fatigue and muscle cramps during surgical procedures. GerVetUSA are considered master craftsmen who manufacture each precision tool to the exact specifications and measurements of their client.

"If we don't have an instrument you are looking for, we will manufacture it for you," according to the team at GerVetUSA.

GerVetUSA has an assortment of surgical instruments ranging from Dental to Orthopedic, Gynecological to MIS and Plastic Surgery. Their specialty is Tungsten Carbide, Super Sharp, and Left-Handed surgical instruments.

The NeogripChromosome Surgical Handle(TM) and the PI (TM) were both developed by Dr James Perin, MD. His goal was to help surgeons maneuver within the surgical field without having to twist and turn their hands and wrists in an uncomfortable position.

About GerVetUSA Inc. GerVetUSA Inc., caters to the healthcare dealer market. They are the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality Operating Room surgical instruments and German medical surgical tools. They are known for offering high-quality medical instruments at affordable prices. Their products are available for immediate delivery world-wide.

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