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Deciduous & Notched Elevators

The Deciduous & Notched Elevators Curette Style is ideally used for veterinary surgeries in small animals. It is specifically designed to follow the deciduous teeth’s curves and to elevate them. The fully sharpened end severs the periodontal ligament, and the elevator tip meets the mesial curve and the root’s distal curve at the other end during extractions. These instruments have a very gentle forward curve at one end and a backward curved on the other. Soft and delicate surgeries like extraction and implantation of the tooth require extra care and handling. These procedures are performed in tiny mouth cavities. Dentists use Deciduous Notched Elevator Curette Style to fit and adequately perform the needed surgery. The sturdy handle provides a palm fitting grip that is highly preferable in such gentle procedures. These elevators are robust and lightweight. Hence, our durable Deciduous Notched Elevator Curette is crafted for those who seek perfection in dental instruments.

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