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Dental Kits & Packs

Small animals, commonly pets, may need a tooth extraction, root planing, and scaling at any age. So, veterinary professionals must carry out these procedures effectively, which is only possible with innovative and advanced dental kits and packs. To assist veterinary dentists, we have devised several kits and packs with a different number of instruments. Each kit is ergonomically designed and can be reused after sterilization. Moreover, we can customize any kit or pack according to your requirements. Additionally, all of them are German-forged making them rust-free and high-tensile. Our advanced dental kits and packs for small animals include:

•    GV Dental Kits
•    Luxating Elevator Kits
    Luxating Elevator Sets Micro Serrations
    Luxating Wing Angle Left Right Stainless Steel Color Coated
•    Periodontal Packs
•    Winged Elevator Dental Kits Standard Handle & Many more.

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