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Gracey Curette Sets

The Gracey Curette Set contains tools required in small animal dental hygiene surgeries. It is a set of dental surgical tools for scaling and root planning. The Gracey Curette Set instrument swiftly and smoothly removed supra and subgingival calculus while causing no harm to the nearby mouth structure. The instruments in the sets are made of medical-grade stainless steel. This metal keeps them rust-free, lightweight, and sharp for an extended period.

We offer multiple variations of the Gracey Curette Set to meet the surgical requirements of professionals. Dentists and veterinarians can choose any kit according to their surgical preferences. We have the following Gracey Curette Sets: 

•    Feline Curette Kit
    Gracey Curette Set of 9 with Cassette Tray

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Feline Curette Kit

Feline Curette Kit

$277.40 $235.79

The Feline Curette Kit is a set of special dental tools for oral cat surgeries. Our kit consists of ...

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Gracey Curette Set of 9 with Cassette Tray

Gracey Curette Set of 9 with Cassette Tray

$497.95 $448.95

The Gracey Curette Set includes nine tools for small animal scaling and root planning. In addition, ...

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