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Prophy Kits

The Prophy Kit is a set of dental surgical instruments used to perform dental prophylaxis on small animals. Our prophy kits feature an ergonomic design and robust structure that assist veterinary dental professionals in cleaning calculus, bacteria, and plaque from the teeth of small animals. These advanced and innovative kits comprise several instruments to fulfill the requirements of the procedure. Moreover, you can get these kits customized according to your needs. Our top-notch prophy kits are ideal for the thorough examination of animal oral health combined with scaling and cleaning. Two of our most innovative prophy kits include:

•    Basic Dental Prophy Set
•    Advanced Prophy Kit

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Basic Dental Prophy Set

Basic Dental Prophy Set

$215.21 $211.33

The basic dental prophy set is ideally manufactured for performing dental prophylaxis on small anima ...

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Advanced Prophy Kit

Advanced Prophy Kit

$512.24 $429.96

The advanced prophy kit is helpful in small animal dental procedures. It is ideally forged to assist ...

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