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Dental Spatulas

The dental Spatula is a fragile and lightweight instrument designed to spread, lift, and mix filling materials. This dental instrument plays an essential role in various small animal dental procedures—flexible working-end models softly and accurately composite frameworks imitating the tooth's necessary forms. The dental mixing spatula is equipped to blend dental cement. The body of the tool typically consists of robust metals. This handheld instrument has a working distal tip that is usually flat with a built-in handle. Double-ended spatulas are also available to address small animal dental issues. GerVetUSA offers supreme quality Placer Instrument and Spatula Dental Instrument. These spatulas are crafted in multiple variations to accommodate veterinarians. Medical-grade German stainless steel keeps the quality and durability high of every instrument. They are lightweight, reliable, and unbendable. Our Dental Spatula is worthy of being a part of your dental kit.
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