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Feline Elevator Curette Style

Feline Elevator Curette Style is used in feline tooth extraction surgeries to fatigue the periodontal ligament and cause hemorrhage amongst its fibers. This advanced instrument is used in most feline tooth extraction procedures because of its compact structure. These elevators are applied to impart luxation forces to tooth particles and facilitate severing the periodontal ligament, which connects tooth particles with the surrounding alveolar bone. When the PDL is stretched and torn, the tooth loosens up and is then easily extracted by forceps. These instruments have a German stainless body that can be sterilized and reused.

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Feline Elevator

Feline Elevator

Feline Elevator is a specialized veterinary handheld dental instrument used to elevate and extract t ...

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Canine Double Ended Elevator

Canine Double Ended Elevator

$58.60 $52.74

Canine Elevator is a small animal specialized dental instrument used in a variety of canine tooth re ...

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