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Luxating Elevator

A Luxating Elevator for luxating teeth is used in veterinary dental extraction practice. These sturdy instruments are used to impart luxation forces to tooth particles that facilitate the cutting of PDL to ease the extraction procedure. When rough intra-oral points touch the anterior edge of the working elevator end, a manual force of a certain degree and position is applied at the ventral contact level of the elevator trip to the tooth surface, the tooth particle will eventually slide. These robust instruments are crafted from surgical grade stainless.
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Crossley Rabbit Luxating Elevator

Crossley Rabbit Luxating Elevator

The Crossley Rabbit Luxating Elevator is a specially designed veterinary dental instrument for use o ...

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Hernandez Elevator

Hernandez Elevator

Hernandez Elevator is a veterinary dental instrument used to elevate and extract teeth while expandi ...

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