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Dental Needle Holders

Dental Needle Holders are used in veterinary dentistry procedures. Needle Holders are also known as needle drivers, used to hold suture needles. They are widely used in veterinary dental procedures. While closing a wound, they hold a suture needle with serrated or non-serrated jaws. The comfortable finger-ring handles are ideal to control the movement of the instrument. The most useful feature is a ratchet lock mechanism for a secure positioned grip. Whereas some variations are also available in a non-locking mechanism. These instruments are crafted from premium surgical grade German stainless to provide the surgeon with the highest level of craftsmanship. These surgical instruments are also available with serrated-jaws. Serrations on jaws provide a firm and non-slipping grip over needles. The ergonomic structure provides the ideal handgrip and control during surgeries. There is a wide selection of Needle Holders including Mayo Hegar Needle Holder, Olsen Hegar Needle Holder Scissors Combination, Barraquer Needle Holder, and Delicate Curved Jaws without Lock. All of these types are designed for a specific dental suturing procedure.
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Derf Needle Holder 4 3/4 inch

Derf Needle Holder 4 3/4"

$100.39 $80.31

Derf Needle Holder 4 3/4" is crafted from pure German stainless steel. It is ideal to use for holdin ...

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Mathieu Needle Holder 5 1/2 inch

Mathieu Needle Holder 5 1/2"

$141.36 $113.09

Mathieu Needle Holder 5 1/2" is used to hold suture needles and guide them during surgery. The needl ...

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Boynton Needle Holder

Boynton Needle Holder

Boynton Needle Holder 4 3/4" is crafted from high-grade German stainless steel material. It has a ve ...

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Mayo Hegar Needle Holder Left Hand

Mayo Hegar Needle Holder Left Hand

Mayo Hegar Needle Holder Left Hand is used to drive curved needles during surgeries. It has a broade ...

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