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Root Elevators

Tooth extraction is the most common dental procedure for animals. Root Elevators are tools used in oral surgery to loosen a tooth from its socket for extraction purposes. They assist in severing the PDL ligament of the tooth for easy extraction. We offer a variety of root elevators for use in veterinary dental extractions. These root elevators aid in a variety of oral surgical procedures in different animals. Furthermore, our tools are intended to meet the surgical specialties in the operating room.

All instruments are stain-resistant and have undergone performance testing. Some of our popular root elevators are Feline Luxating Root Elevator, Root Tip Elevator, Surgical Root Elevator, Warwick James Root Elevator, Heidbrink Root Tip Pick Elevator, and many more.

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Root Tip Elevator

Root Tip Elevator

Root Tip Elevators are delicate instruments with a curved working end. They have a strong handle des ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Warwick James Root Elevator

Warwick James Root Elevator

Warwick James Root Elevator is widely used in dental extraction procedures. It features a flat handl ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Feline Luxating Root Elevator No. 3 Single Ended

Feline Luxating Root Elevator No. 3 Single Ended

$59.50 $53.55

Root Tip Elevator Single ended is used in veterinary dental procedures to remove root tips and fragm ...

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