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SuperCut Dental Scissors

SuperCut Scissors usually have rough edges to guarantee clean and smooth tissue cuttings without exerting power. Blades are razor-sharp to avoid tissue sliding, microtome type that is smooth and incredibly sharp, or also mixed-with one razor-sharp and one micro-serrated blade. These scissors perform several tasks such as cutting, enhancing, and re-creating gums, teeth, and other in-mouth structures. However, dentists use a huge variety of SuperCut Scissors according to their surgical preferences. GerVetUSA has designed and manufactured numerous types of scissors in the Supercut Scissors range, such as SuperCut Iris Scissors Curved, LaGrange SuperCut Scissors Curved, Deaver Scissors - Supercut Curved, SuperCut Iris Scissors Straight, Goldman Fox Scissors Supercut Curved, Gradle Scissors SuperCut, and Goldman Fox Scissors SuperCut Straight. The tips are available in sharp, blunt, sharp/blunt inserts, varying curvatures, and multiple lengths, allowing these scissors to be used for multipurpose cutting and dissecting during small animal dental surgery. The stainless steel scissors carry non-corrosive, anti-bacterial, and reliable properties to support greater longevity. These scissors are thoroughly tested for accuracy and functionality. Our SuperCut Scissors are made for those veterinarians/dentists who seek perfection in surgical instruments.
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LaGrange SuperCut Scissors Curved

LaGrange SuperCut Scissors Curved

LaGrange SuperCut Scissors Curved are small animal dental instruments crafted from 100% stainless st ...

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Gradle Scissors 3 3/4 inch SuperCut

Gradle Scissors 3 3/4" SuperCut

$84.95 $76.45

Gradle Scissors 3 3/4" SuperCut is that dental instruments are created to cut and trim tiny dissecti ...

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