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Dental Chisels

When we talk about Dental Chisels, GerVetUSA has been making a huge variety in it for decades. Dental Bone Chisels are used to section, split and shave the bones. There are a lot of different kinds and sizes of Dental Chisels such as Chandler, McFarland, Ochsenbein, Wakefield, Wedelstadt, Fedi, etc. All these surgical instruments are manufactured from Medical Grade Stainless Steel that makes the quality of these instruments up to the mark and makes them durable. Great quality and value customers will always be a priority for us. Our every instrument is made from surgical grade stainless steel.  With multiple ranges of instruments, almost each of them has subcategories in terms of shapes and sizes. For reviewing more variety of surgical instruments please visit our website and order the instrument of your choice. After all, we promise for 100% guarantee when it comes to material quality and design.

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  1. Wakefield Wakefield Multiple  SKUs  Available


  2. Ochdenbein Ochdenbein Multiple  SKUs  Available


  3. Chandler Chandler Multiple  SKUs  Available


  4. Fedi Fedi Multiple  SKUs  Available


  5. Wedelstaedt Wedelstaedt Multiple  SKUs  Available