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Knife Handle

The latest dental knife consists of: the tip, the handle, the point – the end of the knife used for penetration, and the base – the cutting surface of the knife reaching from the point to the bottom. When we talk of a high-quality knife handle, it should be convenient and easy to hold when working. The easy-grip knife handle plays a critical function for any surgeon or doctor to perform surgery. It can also be used to carry a number of various surgical blades while allowing the patient tighter grip, versatility, and comfort. Most generally, the knife handle is used for transecting, dissecting, or making sutures. GerVetUSA has worldwide recognition for high-quality surgical tools spanning approximately 30 years. Our Veterinary Surgical instruments are manufactured with the highest grades of surgical steel, provide finely detailed quality design and intricate manufacturing practices. The design of stainless steel provides non-corrosive, anti-bacterial, and rust-proof properties, to have greater longevity. The single instrument is thoroughly tested for accuracy and functionality. No single surgical instrument leaves our warehouse until it is visually checked. That's why after disinfection, they can be used again.
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