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Mouth-gags, Dilators and Retractors, Dental

As it is already known as well and seen that GerVetUSA has never compromised on the quality of its surgical instruments neither has ever disappointed the valuable customers. Restraint Instruments play a vital role in dental health care. A huge variety of these tools are available at GerVetUSA such as Mouth Gags, Dilators, and Retractors - available in different sizes and designs for specific needs and procedures for Feline, Canine, Rabbit and Exotics Dentistry. Quick Lock Tourniquet 32", Kirkland Tissue Retractors Dull, Feline Mouth Gag, European Cheek Dilator, Canine Mouth Gag, Rodent Wire Mouth Gag Lightweight, Cheek Dilator Long Reach Curved 40mm, Minnesota Cheek Retractor, Neoprene Cord 32", Kirkland Tissue Retractors 2,3,4,5 Sharp. They are designed with the help of Professional Boarded Dentists by a manufacturer known for Quality and Innovation. Most likely to be used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps, cheeks, lips, and tongue away from the surgical area. These dental instruments are also used for Cheek dilator long curved 40 mm retracts cheeks to allow visualization and access to teeth. They all are Light weighted, and are used on rats, small rabbits, chinchillas & guinea pigs while Oral inspection.

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  1. Kirkland Tissue Retractors Dull Kirkland Tissue Retractors Dull Multiple  SKUs  Available
  2. Feline Mouth Gag Feline Mouth Gag Multiple  SKUs  Available
  3. European Cheek Dilator European Cheek Dilator Multiple  SKUs  Available
  4. Canine Mouth Gag Canine Mouth Gag Multiple  SKUs  Available