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GerVetUSA produces and sells a wide range of high-quality scalers for veterinarians across the globe. Our products are used by doctors and surgeons because of their durability and strength. We are offering a huge variety of scalers such as Tartar Hoe Heavy Kirkland 13K/13KL, Sickle Hoe Scaler, OffSet Heavy Scaler, Morse Scaler, Jacquette Scaler Double Ended, Interproxmial Scaler 204S Double Ended, and Towner-Jacquette Scaler U15-30, Sickle Scaler. These amazing dental instruments gently and effectively remove stubborn calculus supragingivally and interproximally. Therefore, we prefer quality over anything. However, that surely doesn’t lead us to higher prices. With multiple ranges of instruments, almost each of our veterinary surgical instrument has subcategories in terms of shapes and sizes, our instruments are available in affordable ranges. GerVetUSA has a history of never disappointing to any of our customers.

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  1. Morse Scaler Morse Scaler Multiple  SKUs  Available

    Morse Scaler

  2. Jacquette Scaler Double Ended Jacquette Scaler Double Ended Multiple  SKUs  Available
  3. Sickle Scaler Sickle Scaler Multiple  SKUs  Available

    Sickle Scaler

  4. Sickle Hoe Scaler Sickle Hoe Scaler Multiple  SKUs  Available
  5. OffSet Heavy Scaler OffSet Heavy Scaler Multiple  SKUs  Available