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Scissors Tungsten Carbide

Kelly Dental Gum Scissors Tungsten Carbide, Iris Dental Gum Scissors Tungsten Carbide, Goldman Fox Scissors Tungsten Carbide, Ragnell (Kliner) Dissecting Scissors, Tungsten Carbide, Super Sharp and LaGrange Scissors size 4 1/2. Iris scissors provide effortless, precise cutting. These scissors feature one knife-like razor edge and one micro-serrated edge along with the strength and durability of tungsten carbide. They can be used to cut both delicate and heavy tissue with minimal tearing or pulling. However, Tungsten Carbide Goldman Fox scissors are commonly used in dental procedures to trim gingival tissue, but may also be used in plastic surgery or hemorrhoidectomy and other rectal procedures. They have beveled blades, one of which is serrated, that taper into sharp, fine tips. Besides, customer service is our top priority and we offer the best and reliable customer service. So, contact us today either through our online support system or by calling us at 1-800-330-1322.

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