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GerVetUSA is one of the leading manufacturers of veterinary ear instruments in the USA. We manufacture the finest quality of veterinary ear instruments such as, Forceps Hartman Alligator, Bellucci Micro Ear Scissors, Pynchon Suction Tube Chrome Plated, Billeau Ear Loops, Curette Ear Straight Blunt, and more. With latest technology and years of experience, we manufacture top-class affordable instruments with ease and efficiency. Our instruments are widely recognized by surgeons and doctors worldwide due to our high-quality material and durability. We also provide the best customer service as compared to our competitors. Customer service representatives are always available to help via our online support system or feel free to give us a call 1-800-330-1322. Get in touch with us today to get the top-notch surgical equipment with no hassle. We take pride in helping our customers as your satisfaction is our success.

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Alligator Forceps with Narrow Shaft 5 1/2 inch

Alligator Forceps with Narrow Shaft 5 1/2"

$277.72 $140.00

Alligator Forceps with Narrow Shaft 5 1/2"

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