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Needle Holders

GerVetUSA manufactures and sells a wide range of high-quality needle holders for doctors and surgeons. Our products are used by veterinarians across the globe because of their strength and adaptability. We manufacture the finest quality of needle holders, such as Mayo Hagar Needle Holders, Mathieu Needle Holders as well as Collier, Derf, Castroviejo, Gillies, Saort, and Debakey Needle Holders. Our decades of experience and a team of experts manufacture highly reasonable, adaptable, and top-class veterinary surgical equipment with 100% satisfaction and guarantee. Our customer service is highly reliable and we take pride by helping our customers either through our online support system or by calling us at 1-800-330-1322.

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  1. Halsey Needle Holder Halsey Needle Holder Multiple  SKUs  Available
  2. Needle Holders, Mayo Hegar Needle Holders, Mayo Hegar Multiple  SKUs  Available
  3. Needle Holders, Heaney Needle Holders, Heaney Multiple  SKUs  Available
  4. Needle Holders, Castroviejo Needle Holders, Castroviejo Multiple  SKUs  Available
  5. Needle Holders, Crile Wood Needle Holders, Crile Wood Multiple  SKUs  Available
  6. Olsen-Hegar Combined Needle Holder & Scissor Olsen-Hegar Combined Needle Holder & Scissor Multiple  SKUs  Available
  7. Barraquer Needle Holder Barraquer Needle Holder Multiple  SKUs  Available