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  1. Reynolds Dissecting Scissors Reynolds Dissecting Scissors Multiple  SKUs  Available
  2. Mayo Dissecting Scissors - Curved Mayo Dissecting Scissors - Curved Multiple  SKUs  Available
  3. Harrington Scissors Harrington Scissors Multiple  SKUs  Available
  4. Mixter Scissors Mixter Scissors Multiple  SKUs  Available
  5. Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors - Curved Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors - Curved Multiple  SKUs  Available
  6. Wire Cutting Scissors Wire Cutting Scissors Multiple  SKUs  Available
  7. Strabismus Scissors Curved - Standard Strabismus Scissors Curved - Standard Multiple  SKUs  Available
  8. Knapp Iris Scissors  Straight Knapp Iris Scissors  Straight Multiple  SKUs  Available
  9. Knapp Iris Scissors Curved Knapp Iris Scissors Curved Multiple  SKUs  Available
  10. Doyen Abdominal Scissors Doyen Abdominal Scissors Multiple  SKUs  Available
  11. Mayo Scissors, Color Coated Mayo Scissors, Color Coated Multiple  SKUs  Available
  12. Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors Straight Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors Straight Multiple  SKUs  Available
  13. Iris Scissors Angular With Two Probe Tips Iris Scissors Angular With Two Probe Tips Multiple  SKUs  Available
  14. Iris Scissors Curved Iris Scissors Curved Multiple  SKUs  Available
  15. Stitch Scissors - Standard Stitch Scissors - Standard Multiple  SKUs  Available
  16. Stevens Tenotomy Scissors - Standard Stevens Tenotomy Scissors - Standard Multiple  SKUs  Available
  17. Iris Scissors - Straight With Blunt Tips Iris Scissors - Straight With Blunt Tips Multiple  SKUs  Available
  18. Scissors, Operating, Sharp/Sharp, Straight Scissors, Operating, Sharp/Sharp, Straight Multiple  SKUs  Available
  19. Scissors, Operating,  Sharp / Blunt Curved Scissors, Operating,  Sharp / Blunt Curved Multiple  SKUs  Available
  20. Scissors, Operating Sharp-Blunt Points-Curved Scissors, Operating Sharp-Blunt Points-Curved Multiple  SKUs  Available
  21. Scissors, Operating, Blunt/Blunt, Straight Scissors, Operating, Blunt/Blunt, Straight Multiple  SKUs  Available
  22. Scissors, Operating  Blunt-Blunt Point-Curved Scissors, Operating  Blunt-Blunt Point-Curved Multiple  SKUs  Available
  23. Scissors, Uterine, Sims Curved Scissors, Uterine, Sims Curved Multiple  SKUs  Available
  24. Dissecting Scissors, Ragnell Dissecting Scissors, Ragnell Multiple  SKUs  Available
  25. Mayo Dissecting Scissors - Standard STR Mayo Dissecting Scissors - Standard STR Multiple  SKUs  Available