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Surgical Retractors

Retractors are the versatile surgical instruments designed for holding an incision or wound during veterinary surgical procedures. Generally, they are used to hold tissues or organs and help keep away the obstruction while assessing the surgical site. Retractors are divided into two broad categories; one is Hand Held Retractors that require an assistant’s efforts to get operated for the retraction, and the other is Self-Retaining Retractors that allow the surgeon to be free from holding actions and perform error-free surgeries. Nowadays, a wide variety of both categories are used according to surgical preferences. Keeping in a view, GerVetUSA has designed and manufactured an enormous selection of Retractors with multiple variations to satisfy the surgical specialties. The medical-grade German forged metals are used to keep them robust, rust-proof, and reliable. After disinfection, these instruments can be reused without any potential fear. These lightweight, long-lasting, and exceptionally balanced Retractors are ideal to be a part of your surgical kit.
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Senn Miller Retractor - Double Ended

Senn Miller Retractor - Double Ended

Senn Miller Retractor - Double Ended is a handheld instrument used for primary tissue retraction dur ...

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Gossett Abdominal Retractor 5 1/2 inch

Gossett Abdominal Retractor 5 1/2"

$395.00 $355.50

Gossett Abdominal Retractor Blades Spread 5 1/2" - 14.5cm is a self-retaining stainless steel veteri ...

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Beckman Weitlaner Retractor

Beckman Weitlaner Retractor

Beckman Weitlaner Retractor is used to retract tissues and skin during veterinary surgical procedure ...

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