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Towel Clamps & Sponge Forceps Veterinary

GerVetUSA, the maker and vendor of veterinary surgical instruments, offers a variety of veterinary towel clamps & sponge forceps that give the best results to doctors and surgeons. We take pride in providing high-grade towel clamps & sponge forceps, such as Lorna Non-Perforated Towel Clamp, Backhaus Towel Clamp, Jones Towel Clamp, and Backhaus Color Coated Towel Clamp. These instruments include locking handles and a tip which may be curved or pointed and may have teeth for traction. Moreover, if you are looking for customized towel clamps & sponge forceps, we will manufacture as per your needs. We take pride in helping our clients with the most reliable customer service. We manufacture and deliver top-class and innovative surgical products using our industrial experience and modern technology.

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Backhaus Towel Clamp

Backhaus Towel Clamp

Backhaus Towel Clamp is a perforating clamp used for grasping tissue, securing towels or drapes, and ...

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Foerster Sponge Forceps Straight 9 1/2 inch Serr Jaws

Foerster Sponge Forceps Straight 9 1/2" Serr Jaws

$76.61 $68.95

The Foerster Sponge Forceps are used to hold swabs or sponges for mopping up the site. This involves ...

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