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MicroSurgical Instruments

MicroSurgical Instruments Veterinary are hand-held surgical instruments used by veterinary surgeons in microsurgeries. These instruments are specifically designed for microsurgical and delicate procedures. Their tips, jaws, shafts, and handles are designed particularly to fulfill the requirements of a microsurgical operation. The surgery can be related to the eye, ENT, tissue suturing, or any other delicate procedure. A wide variety of Veterinary Microsurgical Instruments such as Micro Friedman Rongeur, Jacobson Micro Mosquito Forceps Straight, Micro Surgery Needle Holder Curved Jaws, and more is available with multiple variations. These instruments are crafted from 100% pure German stainless and performance tested for professional medical use.
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Micro Friedman Rongeur

Micro Friedman Rongeur

Micro Friedman Rongeur is a strongly constructed surgical instrument with a scoop-shaped cutting edg ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Micro Adson Forceps

Micro Adson Forceps

Micro Adson Forceps have a wide thumb grasp that allows great precision and control. Multiple variat ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Jeweler's Forceps

Jeweler's Forceps

Jeweler's Forceps are hand-held instruments that are used in ophthalmic surgical procedures to manip ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Castroviejo Micro Surgical Needle Holder 4 1/3 inch

Castroviejo Micro Surgical Needle Holder 4 1/3"

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