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Nasal Instruments

Veterinary Nasal Instruments are used in different ENT surgical procedures in animals like surgeries of nasal planum and nasal sinuses in canine. These instruments are specifically designed to be effectively used in confined and narrow surgical areas. Most of the nasal surgical instruments have long-thin shafts and small jaws. They have a ring-handle system that allows for a perfect and easy-grip during complex surgical procedures. There is a wide variety of veterinary nasal surgical instruments. All these instruments are designed for their respective surgical use. Most common nasal instruments include Biopsy Forceps, Alligator Forceps, Nasal Punchs, and Specula etc.
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Killian Nasal Specula 3 1/2 inch Blades

Killian Nasal Specula 3 1/2" Blades

$217.87 $174.30

Killian Nasal Specula is a self-retaining instrument with blades. It has a screw locking mechanism w ...

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Noyes Alligator Forceps

Noyes Alligator Forceps

Noyes Alligator Forceps are the most commonly used forceps in ENT procedures. These forceps are heav ...

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Hartman Noyes Ear Forceps Alligator Type Serrated 3 inch Shaft

Hartman Noyes Ear Forceps Alligator Type Serrated 3" Shaft

$159.47 $143.52

Hartman-Noyes Ear Forceps have alligator jaws that are serrated for a better grip. The 3” slim sha ...

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King Adenoid Nasal Punch 4 11/32 inch Shaft Triangular 6mm Upper Jaw 7mm Lower

King Adenoid Nasal Punch 4 11/32" Shaft Triangular 6mm Upper Jaw 7mm Lower

$503.74 $453.37

King Adenoid Nasal Punch is a curved instrument used in adenoidectomy procedures. It has a strong cu ...

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Vienna Specula

Vienna Specula

Vienna Specula is widely used in many endoscopic nasal surgical procedures. It has a double-ring des ...

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