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Neurosurgical Instruments

Neurosurgical Instruments are widely used in the surgeries of head and brain. These instruments are designed specifically to remove the bony parts in order to reach the inner soft tissue membranes. There are many neurosurgical instruments used in veterinary surgeries, such as Adson Cranial Ronguer, Michele Trephine, Luer Rongeurs, and Fulton Laminectomy Rongeur.
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Michele Trephine 7 inch

Michele Trephine 7"

Michele Trephine is an instrument used in veterinary neurosurgical procedures. These instruments fea ...

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Fulton Laminectomy Rongeur

Fulton Laminectomy Rongeur

Fulton Laminectomy Rongeur is used for removal of bone fragments and surrounding tissues around the ...

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Schiotz Tonometer

Schiotz Tonometer

Schiotz Tonometer has a hollow barrel with an open footplate and a holder. It is an analog instrumen ...

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