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Neurosurgical Instruments

Veterinarians require Neurosurgical Instruments to carry out surgeries on the brain, spinal column, and peripheral nerves in animals. Moreover, they are effective for ENT procedures. Veterinary professionals mostly use these tools to remove the bony parts to expose the inner soft tissue membranes.

Veterinary surgeons use neurological instruments like Alligator Forceps, IVD Ronguers, Michele Trephine, Ear Scissors, Schiotz Tonometers, Suction Tubes, and many more. We manufacture and supply all the instruments used in veterinary neurosurgical procedures.

All neurosurgical instruments are German Forged making them autoclavable, rust-free and reusable. They are available in many variations to assist veterinary surgeons in performing complex neurosurgical procedures. In addition, our neurosurgical instruments meet all the standard requirements and are well crafted to be called surgeon hand extensions.

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Michele Trephine 7 inch

Michele Trephine 7"

Michele Trephine is an instrument used in veterinary neurosurgical procedures. These instruments fea ...

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Yankauer Suction Tube  20 FR. Standard Size

Yankauer Suction Tube 20 FR. Standard Size

$47.76 $42.98

Yankauer Suction Tube is the most widely used suction tube in the surgical field. It is an oral suct ...

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Fulton Laminectomy Rongeur

Fulton Laminectomy Rongeur

Fulton Laminectomy Rongeur Facilitates surgeons in removing boney fragments and tissues surrounding ...

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