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Snook Hook

Snook Hook is a fine specialized veterinary surgical instrument used in spay and neuter surgeries in dogs and cats. This hook shaped instrument is also used to retrieve horn of the uterus while performing ovariohysterectomy is feline and canine. It has curved button tip working end with an ergonomic handle. It is crafted from surgical grade stainless and designed ideally for veterinary surgeries in small animals.

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Snook Hook Blunt 8 inch

Snook Hook Blunt 8"

The Snook Hook Blunt 8" is a surgical instrument that is used to grasp and retract tissue during sur ...

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Feline Spay Hook

Feline Spay Hook

It is a specially designed veterinary surgical instrument. It has a curved button tip working end w ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Spay Retractor 25mm Blade

Spay Retractor 25mm Blade


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