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Suture Removal Scissors

Suture Removal Scissors are widely used for suture removal. These scissors feature a small hook on one tip that slides under the sutures to slightly lift the suture before cutting and removal. The hook also holds the suture, thus avoid any type of slippage prior to cutting. There are many types of Veterinary Suture Removal Scissors, such as Littauer Stitch Scissors, Northbent Stitch Scissors, Spencer Stitch Scissors, Health Suture Scissors, and many more. Some suture scissors are slightly curved, bent and some are flat depending upon the surgical requirements of the surgeons.

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Spencer Stitch Scissors

Spencer Stitch Scissors

Spencer Stitch Scissors are designed for suture removal, and available in a two sizes, curved 3 1/2" ...

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Health Suture Scissors

Health Suture Scissors

$128.80 $103.04

Health Suture Scissors, Serrated Blade 6 1/4"

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