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Veterinary Speculum

Veterinary Speculum is used to hold the surgical incision or cavity open during a surgical procedure so the surgeon can view it with ease. Killian Nasal Specula which is a perfect choice for veterinarians in submucous resection is used to hold nasal cavities wide open. It also features a locking mechanism that keeps it in an open position for as long as required.
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Heavy Swine Mouth Speculum 10 3/4 inch

Heavy Swine Mouth Speculum 10 3/4"


Heavy Swine Mouth Speculum 10 3/4" Heavy Steel Construction, No Sharp Edges.

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Killian Nasal Specula 3 1/2 inch Blades

Killian Nasal Specula 3 1/2" Blades

$217.87 $174.30

Killian Nasal Specula is a self-retaining instrument with blades. It has a screw locking mechanism w ...

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